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The Weigh-In

The weigh-ins are asked by all participants joining a weight loss challenge. This is a process put in place for our referees to verify each participant's weight loss. To qualify as a winner the weigh-in should be submitted two times; before the challenge and after the challenge.

This verification process prevents cheating and allows us to justify who has reached their personalised goal.

How to weigh-in

These consist of submitting two photos for our referees to validate; one should be a full-body photo of yourself, either in a mirror or asking someone to take the photo for you, and the second photo needs to be of a digital scale’s readout with the keyword visibly written down on a piece of paper. The keyword is randomly generated per weigh-in, so make sure you use the correct keyword corresponding to each weigh-in. 

The Keyword

Each weigh-in has a randomly generated keyword which needs to be written down on a white piece of paper with a dark marker or pen, and should be visible in both pictures. Make sure you are using the keyword corresponding to each weigh-in.

This keyword allows for our referees to verify these photos have been taken today to avoid cheating by using old photos.

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Step 2.png
Scale photo 2.png